Friday, December 10, 2010

add it to the list...

yes, i still make christmas lists. yes, i do enjoy the element of surprise; but i mostly enjoy everyone getting exactly what they wanted (if santa deemed they were nice rather than naughty, of course). if it were my sole decision in the gift-giving matter, i'd get everyone a cheese making kit from the steel fork.

is it delicious? IDK ! but i'm willing to try. all you have to do is add milk. you can even add GOATS MILK. i'm sold. the only only makes about 10 batches that are 1.5 pounds each....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

english treats.

nothing makes me more sad than having my best friends scattered far away from me; but nothing makes me more happy than them sending me treats via mail ! so to my pleasant surprise, i arrived at my doormat this morning with a cute, little priority mail package from yihsin of foggy london town ! the card enclosed wrote, "these things are why i'm fat! come visit!" freaking love her.

i have so many empty wrappers already. agh/yippeee !

Friday, December 3, 2010

spanish meats.

right after college, i immediately started working for Guru New York; and completely forgot to mark that obligatory, post-college eurotrip off my "things to do before i die" list. so last february i decided to search for the cheapest ticket into europe and go from there. well, lucky me. it was BCN. everyone, from mario batali to my sister, raves about the food there. and everyone, from mario batali to my sister, raves about their cured meats. i even tried to sneak some serrano ham back for my sister but the gosh darn tsa took it away. GOSH NEWARK AIRPORT !

anyway, click through saveur's slideshow of meats to learn a bit about spanish pigs..and to get your mouth watering.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

advent calendar.

i found this most perfect advent calendar on london vienna cologne. they put delicious Austrian chocolates in each of the twenty-five little pockets/stockings. how many times have you been so excited to open each day of the calendar only to taste some cheap drug store chocolate? seriously, MOST PERFECT ADVENT CALENDAR !

happy december.

winter approaches faster and faster each year. thank goodness i have these pictures on my sister's blog to remind me of beautiful foliage and crisp northeastern air.

you'll see lots of my nephews and niece. they're my lifeline. 

an f-ing thanksgiving.

ANYWAY, back to the inspiration behind this blog... you all may think that i'm just a gluton, an accusation for which there is no lack of evidence, but there are other things that make me happy too, i swear ! aaah thanksgiving, you're good for more than just stretching out my stomach...

delicious apple and sausage stuffing (half of it was gone before the dinner even started)...and our last minute addition fueled by guilt (had to fit in a veg) and time contraint, sauteed broccoli.

pumpkin lasagna & top 3 best bread puddings i've ever had, really. THANKS MARTHA. and leah of course. 

my grown up babies. not reallly mine... BUT MINE MINE MINE ! 
oh the Fs of friends food and... fur, i guess.