Friday, December 3, 2010

spanish meats.

right after college, i immediately started working for Guru New York; and completely forgot to mark that obligatory, post-college eurotrip off my "things to do before i die" list. so last february i decided to search for the cheapest ticket into europe and go from there. well, lucky me. it was BCN. everyone, from mario batali to my sister, raves about the food there. and everyone, from mario batali to my sister, raves about their cured meats. i even tried to sneak some serrano ham back for my sister but the gosh darn tsa took it away. GOSH NEWARK AIRPORT !

anyway, click through saveur's slideshow of meats to learn a bit about spanish pigs..and to get your mouth watering.


  1. yum.
    is it weird that i like this picture of meat? i think so.
    oh well.

  2. absolutely normal according to my standards !

    thanks eleanor; i'll visit !

  3. amazinnggg. i lived in rome for half a year and american cold cuts just don't compare.


  4. you have so many followers! i love cured meats; specifically cured ham.