Friday, September 30, 2011

buttermilk cookies and things.

Did anyone else leave their window opened overnight and are now stuck with that froggy, "I left my window opened overnight" voice for the rest of the day? I did. It really feels like fall this morning. The feeling where it's too cold to remove the comforter to get out of bed. I'm starting to get really excited for pumpkins and what not.I love looking back at these polaroids; they remind me of the chilly weather. I love how how Laura and I were driving up to see the Spice Girls, how we had to make a pit stop on some New Jersey farm, how we bought octopus in bulk, and how I baked these delicious and comforting buttermilk cookies (recipe from Gourmet issue in 2008)...
Despite the rainy forecast here in Philadelphia, I'm very excited for the weekend. Made reservations for Talula's Garden tonight! Braised Rabbit, Handkerchief Pasta, Pecorino, Green Olives, and Fava Beans? Tortelloni of Slow Roasted Whole Goat?!  Oxtail Stuffed Artichoke!! Are you drooling yet? Okay, everybody, calm down. I'll let you know how it is on Monday! Have the bestest weekend ever, everyone! 
ps, Happiest birthday week to my sweet baby muffin, Brittney. She's not really a dead vampire. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Now that it's fall, I'm missing the bright colors of summer. All the colors of Barcelona that I captured during my visit there last year will have to do. At least until foliage peaks...

Monday, September 26, 2011


How was everyone's weekend? Mine was quite the funfest. After a lovely Friday night in Phoenixville for a show at the Colonial Theatre, Leah hopped on a Chinatown bus Saturday morning so we could galavant around Philadelphia for the second Saturday in a row! We made the most delicious basil simple syrup to sweeten up our friend, Jim Beam, before Popped. Although it was a bummer the "festival" was relocated to the Liacourus Center due to threats of flooding (who cares! I could have put my Hunters to good use!), the nostalgia the new venue provided was worth it (Leah and I are both Temple Alumni).

After some rebellious activity trying to stampede through the guards to get down to the floor, Leah and I enjoyed some arm flailing and feet stomping to Girl Talk and Pretty Lights

Now I'm  finishing up this post in my cute, little cubicle.  Ahh, have the happiest Monday, everyone!

On me:
Dress - Free People
Shoes - Zara
Bag - from Oriental Mall, Toronto Canada

On Leah: 
Blouse - from Wasteland
Skirt, Shoes & Bag - Her Own

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Phall.

I'm a loyalist. I have a tendency to find an outfit, and then wear it to death. This applied to my summer uniform that always involved my mom's cropped pink-and-white-striped tank.

My mom is so sick of me wearing her hand-me-downs that she even offers to buy me new clothes (works every time)! Yes, and those jeans dating back to 1986 are a hand-me-down from my dad (sorry for the dirt on the lens; I was at the beach for goodness sake!). It's been fun, summer!

Now I'm just really looking forward to fall in Philadelphia (phall?). This past summer I was running around a bit: LBI, New York, Richmond, OBX, NJ, Toronto, etc. I was an abusive resident, constantly neglecting my beloved city. With this weekend being my second consecutive weekend here in a long time, this fall I fully intend to make it up to this city of brotherly love...

Tonight I'm heading to the Colonial Theater in Pheonixville to see Andrew Belew as a birthday present for my blue-eyed and bearded boy. Tomorrow I will dance my face off at Popped Music Fest with Leah! 
Have the lovliest weekend!

ps, Pic on Kelly Drive with geese was taken last year by my sister, the cutest mommy blogger around, when she and her family visited me in Philadelphia last labor day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Until next time.

I have to be honest. I usually HATE summer. I'm more of a fall type of girl; the girl who'll start weeping while driving to work just because beautiful foliage lines the main highway of her morning commute. But something was different this summer. This summer was just...exactly what I pictured when people sang summer's praises. I totally get it now! 

I'm really going to miss trips to LBI: waking up lazily with the best mugs ever (mine is the Grand Canyon one, duh!), then continuing the laziness on the beach, then hitting up Frank's Produce for some Jersey tomatoes, then Cassidy's Viking Fish Village for some scallops, then back to the house to my favorite rocking chair.

It's been a good one, summer. Now I have some pumpkin ale to drink.

ps, those tomatoes are actually from my sweet, sweet @melissaishaw who grew them for me. and mostly because i begged her to make me all of these green tomato things. I mean, come on! Green tomato and pimento cheese biscuits??????

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Equinox

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was perfectly fall and youthful. It was a perfect Saturday: brunch at Kraftwork with Leah intently holding her fork similar to Lafayette/Marni and Natalie having her FIRST EVER bloody mary, thrifting in South Philadelphia, then brown-baggin' (Pumpking, of course) it at Clark Park's Fall Equinox Music and Arts Festival (felt like a teen again with all the head-bobbin' and foot-tappin' going on). It was a perfect fall day for just prancing around Philadelphia. With all this fall talk, should I explain my super summery outfit? Well, just trying to get all the summer out of me before the real equinox on Friday. Have a great last week of summer, everyone!

On me: 
Shoes - Madewell
Dress - American Thrift
Jacket - Dad's closet

On Leah:
Skirt: Zara
Tank: J. Crew
Boots & Scarf: her own :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Top of the morning.

Have I ever mentioned that I want to see the world but can't afford to see all of it right now? I never studied abroad and I never ventured on that obligatory post-grad Eurotrip; but when Continental Airlines alerts me of low-priced European travel destinations during non-peak season, I get my chance. I base my travel destination on the lowest fare. This year the least expensive European city to travel to was Dublin.

Dublin leaves me aching for delicious Leo Burdocks fish and chips; but the city left me feeling like a tourist. When I look back at these photos of Howth, this small fishing village outside of Dublin, I just think, "That was Ireland."

Real-life observation: It gets harder and harder to find a buddy to travel with now that everyone has working, family, and financial obligations. Thank God for one of my best friends, Leah, who, I have come to find out, will always be reliable for an impromptu trip out of the country. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, I'm very pleased that it didn't rain on me during my last weekend at the beach. Very symbolic, even, that it started raining while we were driving off the island. Packing away our swimsuits was painful, not knowing when the next time we'll wear them will be...

I sure will miss this summer's weekend getaways. Of course I know there are weekends available throughout the year to get away, but there is something about the warm weather that makes summer weekends feel more like a vacation.

Richmond was the most charming mini-vacation. There's an old southern feel with a young art scene. I spent my birthday weekend in August here, just drinking whiskey and home brewed beer on a back porch all night long. It was perfect.

Of course, I had to visit dead confederate's graves at the Hollywood Cemetery. Followed by some obvious slow cooking of meats at a backyard bbq. How adorable is Richmond.

ps, don't hate the pink, i was unfortunately over-experimenting with my camera this weekend.