Saturday, October 29, 2011


After listening to this comedic yet very informative mini opera about Germany and France's political relationship with each other a few days ago on Morning Edition, I was reminded of all of France's influence in Berlin's architecture. Naturally, I was reminded of how shocked I was of the French-style architecture when I was walking around Berlin a few months back....

Also, how cool are those jarred sausages? I'm easily amazed when it comes to other culture's groceries, especially after reading this article in Travel and Leisure about the World's Strangest Supermarket items

Anyway, hope these were as inspirational and motivating for you as they were to me to browse through today. Have a great weekend! It's already snowing hard here! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

highland orchards.

Are you drooling over these apple cider donuts yet? Yesterday, I headed over to Highland Farms to sample a delicious apple cider donut. Little did I know that my intentions to sample turned into a feast of four donuts. Whoops. They were perfectly moist and sugary and apple cider-y (and tiny, I swear!); how could I resist? I also couldn't resist having dessert before my meal...
Anyway, the weekend was a crisp high of 60, so it was perfect for my sloppy layering. And the perfect day for exploring abandoned silos and cement walls hiding logs of wood. Hmm. Also, seems like I'll never take off my black skinnies and denim button down...

Monday, October 17, 2011

'stache billz.

How was everyone's weekend. Mine was perfectly lazy at the beach house. Spent the days just sitting in my favorite rocking chair with my favorite mug alternating between a pumpkin ale and coffee. Sunday, I spent hours just laying on the beach wearing Steven's denim shirt (not a bathing suit; this is the Jersey Shore in October, people!). It was a perfect fall day; the perfect temperature for just watching the clouds, picking up sea shells, and drawing in the sand with my toes. :)

The one time I left the beach house was to attend my obligatory Sunday morning brunch at James Beard Award winning Mustache Bills (won an American Classics award in 2009). (Watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives at Mustache Bills.) I cannot leave the shore without having a rueben. Look how deliciously grilled that toast is. I have scrapes in my mouth because it was so buttery and crisp. Can you tell from this last picture that I'm part of the clean plate club? Look at all that evidence that I like to soak and scrape up every last bit of juice and crumbs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

anime baby's second.

There is nothing more revealing about how fast time flies by than seeing someone grow up. My nephews and niece are the perfect example. Every day they're changing. Each day they're learning something new; and it's life-changing to see and hear them form sounds one day and then words the next. 

I celebrated my nephew, Jackson's, second birthday this past weekend (doesn't he look like anime with those big eyes? Love him.) How cute was his birthday party at Caribou Baby in Brooklyn? I love when people take the time to package a present (as seen in my old Christmas post from last year). Look at all of Jackson's adorable presents...

ps, Stole these from my sister and brother-in-law. See more at Simplifaction. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011


After admiring my new Missoni for Target bra (seen here), I couldn't help but think about my favorite GO International pieces. As much as Missoni for Target was a dream, I can definitely think of other collaborations that deserved the same hype! Do I just sound resentful because Target refuses to mail me my one-piece Missoni for Target bathing suit? 

Well hereGo International. Libertine for Target (remember this one from 2007?!?). What were your favorite lines?