Sunday, January 2, 2011

nine ladies dancing.

happy ninth day of christmas. sorry for the absence; but it's still christmas ! i don't want christmas to end. i still feel christmas giddy. I AM JUST SO GRATEFUL ! THANKS, SANTA.

i want to show you guys a couple of photos of how thoughtful everyone was this year ! both my sister and my friend janet went to the trouble of prettying up my christmas gifts, each saying that i was the only one that would actually appreciate the wrapping ! :) :) :)

love craft paper. my sister attached an airplane to a continental airlines gift certificate ! HOW CUTE ! anyway, i'm overwhelmed by everyone's thoughtfulness. CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY.


  1. we took down our christmas tree last night...always so sad when the holidays end...or when it "appears" that they end!! happy 9th day!

  2. hey! i got a shout out on your blog...1. i'm so glad you appreciate wrapping, because i love to wrap. 2. have you purchased anything with the gift card? 3. i have been torturing/massaging people with your gift since christmas eve ;-)