Wednesday, December 1, 2010

an f-ing thanksgiving.

ANYWAY, back to the inspiration behind this blog... you all may think that i'm just a gluton, an accusation for which there is no lack of evidence, but there are other things that make me happy too, i swear ! aaah thanksgiving, you're good for more than just stretching out my stomach...

delicious apple and sausage stuffing (half of it was gone before the dinner even started)...and our last minute addition fueled by guilt (had to fit in a veg) and time contraint, sauteed broccoli.

pumpkin lasagna & top 3 best bread puddings i've ever had, really. THANKS MARTHA. and leah of course. 

my grown up babies. not reallly mine... BUT MINE MINE MINE ! 
oh the Fs of friends food and... fur, i guess.

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