Tuesday, November 8, 2011

QLC (Quarter Life Crisis)

Remember the point of this blog? I do. It's to record each day's little pleasure's to help avoid a mental crisis at age 25, blah blah blah. Well, today on WHYY's Radio Times, hostess Marty Moss Coane spoke with Jeffrey Jensen Arnett and Hannah Seligson about Twentysomethings & the longer and winding road to adulthood. Listen here. I love this topic. I'll never tire of it. At least before August 5, 2016. And just in case you are too lazy to click, or would rather listen to Pandora or Hype Machine than talk radio, here is the gist:

Today's twentysomethings, particularly those armed with college degrees and facing high unemployment rates, are marrying later, committing  to careers later and perhaps even relying on their parents far longer than twentysomethings of previous generations. Many young people view their twenties as a time to explore their personal and professional options without serious obligations.  And given that they will be working longer and living into their 80s and 90s, does it matter if they put off "settling down" until their late 20s or early 30s? Maybe today's twentysomethings are better off and will benefit in the long run from taking more time to figure things out.

Also, here is a cake from my 25th birthday last August, in honor of those "twentysomethings that are facing high unemployment rates, are marrying later, committing to careers later and perhaps even relying on their parents far longer than twentysomethings of previous generations"! :)


  1. what an adorable cake

  2. interesting podcast. I def think thats the case of some ppl

    love from San Francisco,

  3. Aw, thanks for sharing your cake with us! As someone who is a little more than 25, I can definitely relate to the unemployment and general depression of idle hands. I'm just hoping things get better and soon.

    The Queen of Hearts

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  5. being poor well into my twenties - check
    living at home until 24 - check
    working part time in the field i went to school for - check
    stressed - check

    haha ;)

    With Love From Michigan

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  7. Hi Manding! Just wanted to let you know you won the Michelle Hartney giveaway on my blog :) Shoot me an email to claim your prize!

  8. I'm sort of having a quarter life crisis too! :) I just blogged about it. The world is tough for 20somethings right now.

  9. very insightful post!