Monday, October 3, 2011

Talula's and the rest of the weekend.

I usually pick my friends according to their openness to different cuisines and their appetite. Meaning, if I'm to be friends with you, you'd better know how to eat! My friend, Jaime, visited me this weekend, and we both always have one thing in mind Friday night: eating the most delicious farm-to-table food at Talula's Garden. We couldn't make any decisions so we ordered four small plates before our entree!

Was the food delicious? Yes, of course. But really, I left the restaurant wishing that I ate at Talula's Table in Kennett Square instead. There was something really corporate about Talula's Philadelphia location when I was expecting something really casual, quaint, and farm-y! See here for photos of Talula's Table in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Sorry about the lighting/lack of photos. The dim lighting and rush of the Friday night crowd really made it hard to take good photos/use the flash. How adorable is top plate! It was almost midnight when we got to dessert, so I didn't feel as bad disturbing a few people's dinners with my obnoxious flash....

The things Jaime and I stuffed in our mouths (and yes, all of it):
Braised Rabbit, Handkerchief Pasta, Pecorino, Green Olives, and Fava Beans
Pan Sauté of Veal Sweetbreads, Pickled Peppers, Mustard, and Buttery Onion Sauce
Golden Potato Gnocchi with Succotash and Lemon-Brown Butter
Oxtail-Stuffed Tortelloni (Not on online menu)
Muscovy Duck Breast and Foie Gras, Confit Leg Parcel, Beet Greens, and Smoked Beets
Spiced Leg of Lamb over Root Veggies (Obviously cannot find this online either ;)
Steamed Fig Pudding with Goat Cheese Ice Cream, and  Sherry Syrup (FIGGY PUDDING :)
Dark Chocolate Cremeaux with Smokey Chocolate Crumble, Marshmallow, and Bacon

Sunday was a dream Sunday. Although it involved a bit of fall/end of summer cleaning, I made some beef stew while the football game played on the TV. Perfect Sunday. I used the Pioneer Woman's beef stew with beer and paprika recipeI didn't have any Budweiser laying around, so I used pumpkin ale!

I stole this bottom photo from The Pioneer Woman, because I'm just too hungry to not eat right away. 


  1. haha i feel you. food totally connects people! once a guy asked me out and he was allergic to seafood (sushi = half of my diet, and cucumber rolls are not gonna cut it), didn't like red meat (are you even male?), and was overall super picky. needless to say it didn't last..

  2. Yum this food looks so good!

  3. oh my goodness...that dessert looks soooo amazing! i am kind of drooling :) so happy you included your link...i kept getting directed to another site. Thanks for your comment!


  4. Looks good!

  5. Hi Manding,
    The restaurant looks so classy and the lighting looks very warm and inviting! You can always judge a nice restaurant by their desert. ^_~. Oh and the beef stew, looks so divine. I'm sure yours tasted heavenly and hearty.

    Take care,

  6. wow it looks so yummi!

  7. The last picture made me so hungry hahaha. The plate you had in your first picture is so lovely. I'm not use to restaurants that don't use paper plates (that's the college life, right?)


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    It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3

  9. I LOVE food. It definitely connects people - I would not date someone if they didn't know how to eat hahaha.

    I would like to live in NY for a bit, but probably not to settle down...

  10. what darling looking joint, and i love the china!

    great blog,

  11. I like your post. I´d wish you take some time to check out mine.

  12. Wow everything looks so delicious! Yum - thank you for sharing :)

  13. all i have to say is...steam fig pudding and goat cheese ice cream!!!!! i need a description, it sounds too delicious!!!!!

  14. All of this looks amazing! I'm hungry now :)

  15. your blog is AMAZING! the photos are really fantastic, and it's an inspiration for a new photographer like me. loved browsing your posts, and from food to interior photos, i had fun looking through them. new follower. i am hoping we can stay connected and share inspirations. thanks, and cheers!
    jasmine :)