Friday, September 9, 2011

These currents are still killing me.

I obviously had to quote Something Corporate's Hurricane for today's blog title (high school obsession). This weekend will mark one of my last trips to the beach, but of course the Northeast is being pounded by more of Hurricane Lee, or Katia or Nate or Maria...

The mandatory evacuation out of the Outer Banks from Hurricane Irene left my sister, Jackson, and I in the baking mood. If we're going to be stuck inside on some of the last days of summer, we might as well make some delicious goodies with the peaches we got from North Carolina. 

We used the Joy of Baking Peach Tart recipe. Nomnomnomnom. What did you do during your imprisonment of Hurricane Irene...or Katia...or Lee?

Now I'm brainstorming fun indoor activities I can do at Long Beach Island this weekend. Maybe some constant trips to Cassidy's Viking Village Fishmarket. I wouldn't mind searing up scallops all weekend long...

Before we part for the weekend, here have been some thoughts on the brain throughout this week:

Can you believe it's been 10 years already?

I want this Barbie ring I spotted on fashionchalet (hint hint, anyone).

My nephew, Jackson, is turning TWO in a couple of weeks. How adorable would this party be for him? Of course add some trains, and minimize the pink....


  1. i'm still dreaming about those delicious peaches!!! Summer feels over now but glad that you can have one last weekend at the beach!!!

    PS seared scallops?! make me some!!!!!!!

  2. Hmmmmm, that looks yummieee! :)

  3. Peach pie, peach jelly, peach ice cream and peach infused tea! Love peaches!

  4. this looks amazing!!!! so delicious!