Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, I'm very pleased that it didn't rain on me during my last weekend at the beach. Very symbolic, even, that it started raining while we were driving off the island. Packing away our swimsuits was painful, not knowing when the next time we'll wear them will be...

I sure will miss this summer's weekend getaways. Of course I know there are weekends available throughout the year to get away, but there is something about the warm weather that makes summer weekends feel more like a vacation.

Richmond was the most charming mini-vacation. There's an old southern feel with a young art scene. I spent my birthday weekend in August here, just drinking whiskey and home brewed beer on a back porch all night long. It was perfect.

Of course, I had to visit dead confederate's graves at the Hollywood Cemetery. Followed by some obvious slow cooking of meats at a backyard bbq. How adorable is Richmond.

ps, don't hate the pink, i was unfortunately over-experimenting with my camera this weekend.


  1. well, i totally wouldn't have thought Richmond was so adorable! good to know!

    those pics are so cool!

    so sad the summer is over too, but hello, fall and apple-picking!!!!;);)

  2. i'm glad you're blogging again. i'm also jealous about the meats.

  3. Cool pictures! Love your dress!


  4. you look like you had so much fun on trip! The food looks delicious! :)


  5. thanks, bad joan:) that's my best friend laura who was visiting her sister in richmond from LA the same time i was visiting friends in richmond. PERFECT TIMING :)

  6. i love the photos! the food looks yummy:):)
    hope you had a great time there :D

  7. Such a cute outfit!!! And what a beautiful setting!!