Monday, September 5, 2011

First day.

I assure you I'm still alive. Today is one month into my 25th year; and it seems like no better time to start blogging again about how to avoid a quarter-life crisis. Just call my little hiatus a summer break. Maybe this is my attempt at maintaining an academic calendar, but I'm ready to start forming sentences on the world wide web again.

This is me refreshed from summer. Oh, and today is labor day. So just to commemorate a great season, here are some favorites that remind me of the lazy summer.

Okay enough. It's time to play catch up on my last few months of my 24th year...


  1. Welcome back!
    Your blog looks great. I'm interested in seeing what you have in store!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  2. great pics!


  3. You are back! hehe
    You have a lovely blog :D

  4. great blog and love the pictures! makes me depressed now looking at them and that summer is over :(

  5. welcome back!!!! we've missed you!