Tuesday, November 16, 2010

now what.

now what. that’s basically my question for everything---
i graduated college; now what? 
i got a full time job with benefits; now what? 
i have a Twitter account; now what? 
i started a blog; now what?

i really can't answer any of those questions but i suppose since this is the first post in mandingSays i should provide some reasoning behind it...  

well, i can't really give you a straight one. as of right now, this blog can pose as somewhat of a casual research project on how finding life's day-to-day pleasures can help avoid a quarter-life crisis. :)

how did my generation, who graduated high school watching my super sweet sixteen end up being thrown into the real world during the longest running recession since the great depression. 

every generation has to go through this "graduating college" and "being poor " thing, you say? well i'd like to think we're special. and we are ! our situation sucks hard ! google the great recession people !

so now what. during an age that generationXers claim to be the "best time our lives", i'm stuck inside reading articles about retirement.

in all seriousness though, my twenties have been... charming. sure, spent my whole childhood on aol; but it's time for new habits. new discoveries.

i am young (am i??!) and curious. and i live off of an entry level salary. i want to do, see, eat, and buy as much as i can. although i have dreams and wishlists of the faraway and expensive, there are plenty of things that are perfect for where i am today and what i can budget in right now. maybe the things i find along my way will help you get through your quarter-life crisis...if not, at least i have blogspot to organize my scatter-brain. for free.

ps, this will probably be the longest post. ever. and maybe the last self-loathing post. maybe.

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